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    A BRAND NEW segment + Get Crafty, Wheel Unfortunate \u0026 Top 10.. another amazing OT!
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    Intro ( 0:00 )
    Get Crafty ( 0:44 )
    Name This Win That ( 7:09 )
    Wheel Unfortunate ( 13:53 )
    Top 10 ( 20:36 )
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      Pause the clip and look at The middleman’s face sorry I don’t know how to spell his name 0:01

    7. Numberathlete53

      When I clicked on this video I got a dude perfect add

    8. General of RNG

      Ay i just recently noticed on 25:44 TY being gordon ramsay

    9. Raymond Keim

      cody should do top ten

    10. Zoe He

      I liked Codys art

    11. Hågen 613

      *‘’The wheel is fun, and you are done!’’*

    12. Parker Wade

      Ty deserves that beat down when u kicked kisses ceral

    13. Salty Grassy

      I got the dp Idtech ad while watching dp

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    15. SuperStorm

      ok the wheel unfortunate part is rigged, they even say its rigged

    16. James Playzs

      The cereal fight back 🤣🤣🤣


      cory having a tantrum 23:20

    18. Daegan Hrachovy

      Instant karma at 21:08

    19. William Borduin

      amazing number one choice for cereal

    20. Aiden Mullins

      duble chocolate krave deserves number 1

    21. hugo forare

      21:06 instant karma

    22. hugo forare

      21:09 instant karmma

    23. D. A. K.

      go to the top ten cereal video and look at Corys ankle

    24. D. A. K.

      Cory has a tatoo on his ankle ??????

    25. Rian Bhatia

      Disclaimer:- no tyler was hurt during this video

    26. Karen Forry

      Y'all forget me

    27. remington heinemann

      Cody should do too ten

    28. YaboyCarter14

      Cody should do top 10 because the cereals he picked where my favorite to

    29. Dominic Macahilas

      2:18 "Oh, GoPro just got hosed"

    30. Vân Hoàng

      Why did Coby even get third place at the 1st segment? Why Cory won cobe?!!

    31. Diaz Dynamite

      Coco pebbles is arguably a top 3 cereal

    32. Nathan Ryder Varghese

      14:04 - YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT COBY Lolololol...thank me later .... that's called fake enthusiasm..lol

    33. Madeline creates

      *ty throws honey comb* Me: “And I took that personally”

    34. AEAX PLAYZ

      We love you Cory!!!

    35. Markus Berwald

      Team Cory

    36. Warrior Kidz

      How is Krave not a top 3

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      The best is cinomon crunch

    41. david Lind

      4:12 woooooh 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Metoria Butterfly

      How dare discard Oreo cereal you DEVILS!

    43. •sᴀᴡʏᴇʀ•

      I love how Cody left in the cereal segment because of the Honey Oh’s

    44. Adriano Chamoun

      Where’s the fruit loops?

    45. Kobe

      Greg Propavich😭

    46. Joseph j


    47. SpEctrum_ J8keZ (PZ DireJake_)

      Legend has it the cereals are still laying there

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    51. Joshua Kelly

      Cory don’t give up you are strong I know how you feel


      Best get crafty ever

    53. Akshay

      Cody Jones is wayy better host for wheel unfortunate than Tyler. I saw Cody as host atleast 7 times yet I cannot stop laughing

    54. Haiminh Vu

      Tyler's so funny, i wish to be like him

    55. G A

      We all know Coby should have won that get crafty

    56. Jade Bodhi


    57. LK B

      Bro the lucky charms are my number 1

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        @Isidirus views

      2. miteenmc

        @Isidirus views

      3. Isidirus

        it literally has 30 million likes


      1-Lucky Charms 2-Captain Crunch 3-Honey Ohs 4-Cinnamon Toast Crunch 5-Life 6-Corn Pops 7-Cheerios 8-Frosted Flakes 9-Recess puff 10-Honey nut Cheerios

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      24:19 weeks later in pet peeves


      I just saw your IDTech ad

    68. Joshua Calix

      18:35 when you dig one block above you in minecraft

    69. Emmanuval D. Ben Sam

      i want someone else on top 10 cereals

    70. Mary Newcomb

      Honey os are in my top 10

    71. Tejas Giridharan

      mic abuse is real

    72. Logan Almquist

      Yea the judging in this was the worst I’ve ever seen I don’t mind Cody winning and ty in last but 3rd and 4th were awful lol

    73. Max Newman

      Did he just leave trix,cocoa puffs and captain crunch some of the best cereals in the world out?!?!

    74. Littlefox_100

      I love cookie crisps and fruity pebbles I mix them

    75. Littlefox_100

      2021 anybody

    76. Jakub_the_zeski “Jakub_the_zeski”


    77. QD_Shadow

      Tyler-I’m having a 4th kid, I’m kidding that would be CRAZY Me-bro i have 4 siblings so my parents have 5 kids 😂😑🙄

    78. Cookie equals happy

      2:18 tho

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    84. Owen Jenkins

      your so cool

    85. Jam Mal

      Dude there has to be a din against not putting fruit loops in the top ten cerise but putting honey ohs in

    86. Gizmaster69

      Anyone ever had captain crunch sprinkled donut cereal amazing

    87. Mana Hancock

      Lets go, team, Cory

    88. Bazzinga Dan

      The one that said DP if I was the judge then that one would in Edit: I meant win

    89. Kaden Ginter

      Rip for Ty

    90. Derek Matthews

      CHOCOLATE CHEX ?!?! Where are they

    91. Nicholas Burns

      Cody going supersayan 15:42

    92. Sandra Guntorius

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      Top ten

    94. Andrew Reagan

      Cody should do

    95. Nolin Macomber

      I love the rest of the episode

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