Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23

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    Our best video ever.. features our worst videos ever?! Yep. Opposite Edition! Not Top 10, Wheel Fortunate, Not Cool Cool, \u0026 Get Un-Crafty! Another OT you don't wanna miss!
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    Intro: 0:00
    Not Cool Cool: 01:27
    Not Top 10: 07:00
    Wheel Fortunate: 16:54
    Get Un-Crafty: 22:33
    Our Top 10 Worst Videos:
    1. New Rewards: seprom.info/clone/video/rtBthpqphXiC1nA.html
    2. Trick Shots and Cats: seprom.info/clone/video/2rVln9SkoZyBtGg.html
    3. Zero Gravity Edition (Trick Shots in Space): seprom.info/clone/video/zZaLpNmBiKd_qas.html
    4. Exploding Flour: seprom.info/clone/video/p7hoebmaeaqpz3A.html
    5. Trick Squirts: seprom.info/clone/video/t8VlpJiHfJhjsmg.html
    6. George Bush Library Edition: seprom.info/clone/video/mtaNe7uIcZdzr68.html
    7. Kayaking Down an Escalator: seprom.info/clone/video/l5l3nK55qJeWxo0.html
    8. Red Cards in Rio Prank: seprom.info/clone/video/m5WpmrRoY6Kgx4k.html
    9. Editor Edition 2: seprom.info/clone/video/rdmuacuQfah3m5E.html
    10. 500 ft. Moving Goal Shot: seprom.info/clone/video/nKdlituNc2WUr6s.html
    Honorable Mentions:
    The High Rise Shot: seprom.info/clone/video/rsKUYtauoYOH1Kc.html
    Ferris Wheel Edition: seprom.info/clone/video/2qmueM2QmKeiuas.html
    Crazy Arena Edition: seprom.info/clone/video/l6uhrJeJZ4mFx58.html

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    Comment: Way to go DPeditors on 4 OT's in December!

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    1. LegendaryGamers

      How is Will in the DPEditors if Derek was really Will or Not

    2. Ridhwan

      Gary should drop the recipe for his burger

    3. FLive _gr

      ty looks like Harvard stark

    4. Game Pharaoh


    5. Aabcehnnr

      I just got an add featuring Dude Perfect. To say the least, I was very confused.

    6. Patrick Angelo

      Cool not cool backwards would be cool not cool still

    7. Wyatt Bennie

      My favourite worst DP video is exploding flour

    8. Sleeepy

      Personally I loved the kayaking down an escalator video, is it just me?

    9. Melinda Palmer


    10. nh sw

      The superb interest suddenly sail because niece basically mate circa a jaded scarecrow. mysterious, feeble feigned man

    11. Jaxon Cunningham

      I love Garrett’s face during the dehydrated water thing he’s so disappointed 😂🤣

    12. Ljk Streamer2021



      Editor edition 3

    14. Peggy Philpot

      The nimble cable electronically please because postage opportunely bang with a abrupt motorboat. placid, cooperative centimeter

    15. Quinn Jones

      Ty would’ve red the dehydrated water if it was a normal overtime. He just wants Cory to lose.

    16. Ellis !!!


    17. April Bell

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    18. Joshua Kelly

      I think Cory should it

    19. Leigh Neale

      Yes editor addition 3

    20. Adam Dragon

      please, editor edition 3

    21. suprise_comunism

      I watched the cat video and imma tell you somin no matter how HARD I tried to WATCH the entire this it was was to BORING that I COULDNT do it at all (caps are supposed to be highlighted I have no dam clue why but it’s there)

    22. jhalanie dia

      You're a disgrace🤣🤣🤣

    23. SullySharkBoy

      They should have put a golfball in the golf pens as an eraser

    24. Tyler Leigh

      Bro mo were the best videos ever

    25. Sweaty Bot big

      Editor edition 3

    26. Josh is Cute

      if it was opposite day then it would just be a regular day cuz it would just be opposite of the opposite

    27. K D

      Coby: I've been waiting 23 episodes for this! OT 10: Am I a joke to you? Wait, am I getting my twins mixed up?

    28. Alexis Grant

      How did he not throw up

    29. Dylan P

      editor edition 3

    30. Daniel Lee

      Editor edition 3 baby!

    31. Jacob Lawler

      I want editor edition 3

    32. Pedro Lucca


    33. Sonny Torres


    34. tjarema78

      True true true

    35. Chet Davis


    36. zk 64

      Only TYs name was folded

    37. zk 64

      TY folded his name

    38. Carlin Shatraw


    39. noah frank

      Jesus loves you

    40. Super Smart Kye

      I agree with oxidize

    41. TheEmeraldMOOSE657

      Oh guys should do a get crafty where you have to make the spiciest burger 🍔( Hint: use death nectar sauce it HURTS)

    42. Kiyan Tunara


    43. Jostna Figer


    44. Little Yoda Nuggies123

      Green button should of been not cool and red button is cool

    45. Greg Gladden

      Editor edition 3

    46. Exfort


    47. Space Bros

      I want editor edition 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the editor edition 2

    48. daniel gaming


    49. Dance with Krethik

      Edit edition 3

    50. rasei qedeu

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    51. Ray Meyer

      The aspiring harmonica philly care because laundry rhetorically notice within a hurt airship. tangy, symptomatic sweatshirt

    52. Chris Boeke

      Ty no offense but I don't like it

    53. Lil 9boy

      TI want editor addition three

    54. Alex Carr

      You guys should put the char burger on wheel unfortunate

    55. Cole Bolding


    56. Keven Lauretta

      The domineering change affectively scatter because schedule uniquely admit amidst a educated lawyer. concerned, miscreant grade

    57. Caleb Wells

      I watched the trick shots and cats video and I was confused the entire time

    58. Miles Weatherwax

      Do an other editor edition

    59. Suryajeev Ramesh

      yes it would be nice

    60. Senay Ghebrekal

      yes editor edition 3 like if you want

    61. Toby Long

      team cory

    62. Jon Bovee

      Worst dude perfect moments should just have a list of all the videos for the past two years

    63. Kris and Abby Nelson

      Editor edition 3 im waiting

    64. Drakeford Donaldson

      I’m gonna be honest, Editor Edition was when I realized you guys could make bad videos I didn’t like. Sorry Editors, I love your editing but by golly was that a bad video.

    65. Jakob Sikorski

      That statue look nothing like Tyler

    66. Ali Zaidan Thamyeez

      You guys never heard of flour mills exploding? It reacted so fast and exploded because flour is a powder and has a high surface area and the larger the surface area the quicker the reaction

    67. Jennifer Newkirk

      i need a fish walker

    68. Ryan Buteau

      Editor Edition 3 no doubt!!!

    69. Continue_Pls

      I know this is late but They could’ve made the intro backwards short guy, clean, bros, yellow hoser (because yellow is opposite of purple)

    70. Lizard Y

      We neeed Editor Edition 3 for sure

    71. Synced

      This is the one show where I didn’t get hungry when I saw people making food. Sorry Sparky. RIP


      Have great day Garret , Coby , Tyler , Cody , Cory , all of you boys! Have a fun day!!

    73. Don Edwards

      The tasty voyage technically order because pound identically unlock pace a chivalrous sundial. strong, noxious susan

    74. sweaq wesaq

      The old-fashioned grandfather behaviourally peck because knife conceptually bake given a quizzical sheep. awful, knotty perfume

    75. Lara Decker


    76. Nicolas Olsen

      Am I the only one who noticed that they just put tape on the TVs for wheel fortunate

    77. TheOnlyJimpix

      12:17 Is me when my friend come over and have pizza

    78. chad beagle

      Editor edition 3 let’s go

    79. Simão Nunes

      Stop screaming dude

    80. Rob Smith21

      ..Tyler really won that huh?

    81. Liam Deblecourt

      I like cheese

    82. Anya Dashevsky


    83. Daniel Sehlhorst

      I am cool

    84. Johnny Denning

      The fancy singer weekly flower because crayon exclusively rock from a confused sing. unequal, spotted locket

    85. mighty turtle

      plz editor edition 3

    86. AMECHIA TI

      i want edior edition 3

    87. Poc7 Silverstreak

      He deserves it he has done the most trick shots and a lot of the work

    88. Lanz Xander Dwayne Cualing

      Coby didn't even finish the sentence in the intro Coby:WEL- poor Coby waited 23 episodes to cut off the word

    89. Sharon Clyde


    90. Muper Duper

      Yes editors 3!! I feel bad for coby

    91. Chris Baumgard

      Edition 3

    92. Pratanium

      5:55 Look at Garretson face as he loses all faith in humanity

    93. sendit

      yes put editor edition 3

    94. Jackson Vinson

      Tyler is just mad at editor 2 bc hes not in it

    95. Briseis Fendrick


    96. Laser Beam

      Editor Edition 3!!!! 👁 need this 🥺🥺🥺

    97. Laser Beam

      Imagine if the people who made instant 🩲 watched this 😬

    98. jabba