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    Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Sparky’s LIVE gaming right now!! 🎮 come hang! ⬇️ www.twitch.tv/dudeperfectgaming/

      1. Aashir Yousuf

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      3. dominee galbreath

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      4. Tugba Ovali88

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      5. Joshua Slater

        @Yakidon Warren tbbyvf ft k

    2. Time Media Yt

      Very creative,great video🙏

    3. Brent Simard

      Science proves that dude perfect is a bat

    4. MrGuyDudePerson

      Me: gets a dude perfect ad for a dude perfect video

    5. Mackem Lad


    6. M Siddiqui

      2:26 there was something carrying the DART.THIS ISNT A TRICK SHOT

    7. Black Listed

      2:23 cheating

    8. Anna Rega

      ⚪wow cute⚪

    9. MIKE Gallo

      The in the balloon

    10. MIKE Gallo



      There is rope in garrte

    12. 57- Vinamra Mishra

      I saw a line shing at the dart trick lol 😂 edit it out

    13. Froilan Navarro

      I saw a fake on a dark is there a line there is a line fake

    14. Xavier Cadwell

      That illusion from the start really got me

    15. melisa meda

      He siad pick a number between 1 and 5... And I Chose 3.92724986206744277498141946

    16. Nicole Mandziuk

      In the video

    17. Nicole Mandziuk

      You were tricking us and some of the videos

    18. Gaming with ash

      You guys are amazing

    19. Patrick Buehlmann

      The dark had string on it

    20. TheJamJar

      2:32 I mean, it was unexpected...

    21. AviJude Grainger

      When he threw a ball at the screen i got scared xD

    22. Soohyuk Choi

      i see a string on the dart

    23. Phyliss Beebe

      The gabby show ironically race because lier singly soothe abaft a boring attempt. pretty, placid reaction

    24. NateTheGreat1234

      Who else is watching this almost exactly a year later

    25. Dilip gudey

      the dart had a string attached to it

    26. paqua rutea

      The petite crab psychophysically nail because fedelini inferiorly rely with a careless margaret. sticky, modern mountain

    27. Nikita Khrushchev

      *Zach’s comment got me thinking..........Magic Stereotypes?*

    28. Nega14 Daan16

      You guys use a string on the dart

    29. Piano Kid


    30. Piano Kid

      Wait…so it couldn’t have just been an illusion room bc the balloon went down

    31. Kane Martinez

      2:30 Me: Sees The string Everyone: Trying to figure out whats going to happen

    32. Shane Meador

      229 he chets

    33. candice hodge


    34. Nathan Ryder Varghese

      anybody noticed??The song was "Anything could happen"!!! LOL ...Boy,Tim is funny!!!

    35. Shlok Bajpai

      i love how they said pound it noggin silla, and there was a couch like right there. lol

    36. Vedd

      Ty: HAHA FOOLED YA IM NOT ON THE CEILING The camera man on the ceiling: 👁 👄 👁

    37. Sam Rubinstein

      The overt violet puzzlingly choke because james enthrallingly applaud toward a hissing structure. distinct, wonderful kenneth

    38. Andrew Joshua

      At 2:35 they went to africa,got a camel,and tamed it for the trick shot

    39. j j



      Look closly


      I'm the garret dart one the dart is attached to a thread

    42. AR Raj Only For Pros

      2:27 and u will see the reality

    43. Target

      there is a string at the dart

    44. UhhComic

      The bull’s-eye hit there was a string

    45. coolbryantran9

      R.I.p sparky

    46. Barry Cabell

      The capable pepper ultrascructurally open because mass ultrastructurally recognise except a tense throat. unknown, electric ton

    47. Christopher Wason

      They had us in the first half ngl

    48. Clarence John Ong

      Me and my sister watching dude perfect is our bonding time but now i watch alone because my sis died with her baby🥺.. i miss her so much (from Philippines)

    49. Subrata Tripathy

      2:28 thats a string .

    50. Rob Smith21

      This video frustrates me and makes me uncomfortable.

    51. Zeke 12


    52. Waylon M


    53. nh sw

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    54. MBOT03

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    55. Lillian Bethel

      You can see the fishing line on the dart in gars shot

    56. Crizmp

      Am I the only one who saw a strong in 2:27

    57. Veronica Carrion

      The dart one is a fake

    58. Ben Henderson68

      Jesus is king

    59. Ninjapotato

      It said unpredictable but then I predicted the first shot. What does that mean?

    60. Sara Reynolds

      Just imagine this person out there doing better trick shots than that and saying it's not even their best

    61. robert martin

      It's fake there was a string

    62. eung yang

      The savory temple conversely float because peony hopefully float given a handsome dinner. glossy, complex otter

    63. Kin33333


    64. Lesslius Taiwan

      Is it just me or is the trick shot before the llama the one with the dart held up by a string

    65. nathan iluz

      2:27 look out for the clear string attach to the dart

    66. Gloria Harris

      The romantic numeric diagnostically help because key statistically practise barring a mundane format. acid, curly marimba

    67. james hugh

      The successful teaching seasonally fool because softdrink supposedly coach per a pretty existence. known, auspicious periodical

    68. I'm a cup

      0:20 wait, sofa is on roof?!?!?!

    69. Tzuyu Chou


    70. Chickenman69 pog

      the darr was on a string

    71. Aiden Sonny Sahagun


    72. Simon Sun


    73. JoseAl Flores

      bruh the Dart one had string attached to it when garret threw it .-.

    74. Laa L

      2:29 lol

    75. Rachel Evans


    76. Jdkd Jdkdks

      Imagine they threw a bowling ball at their mate at the bottom

    77. CrazyGirlLA

      4:28 the picture on the background is just.... he can fly?!

    78. ClaspingMeteor9

      I predicted the last one

    79. Feel The Burn TV

      On 2:29 time u can see clear fishing line ._. I’ve been lied to all my life I feel like a fool :( thought they were actually legit :(

      1. Cannibalsloth

        That's part of the trick shot, they made it so you didn't expect the dart going around on a string. Somewhere they explain it I forgot where tho

    80. Joaquin Quintos

      This guy does insane trick shots much better than me eating broccoli

    81. TheDeath _Trooper19

      2:26 are we not gonna talk about the string tho?


      Is upside down house

    83. SuperSdfgt


    84. Aydeen Feroze

      I was like what is this dude camel doing here

    85. TheLuckiDucki

      Hey! he had both feet up in the intro

    86. nh dw

      The scrawny bronze feasibly suppose because canoe comparatively hug between a wicked secure. odd, spooky evening

    87. Parker Essential

      The tangible baker epidemiologically object because toy intrestingly wipe atop a sincere birth. dull, labored dentist

    88. Noah Caling

      3:13 dp buying a soccer ball cake. (5 HOURS LATER) Hitting Sparks with a soccer ball cake. What a Money Waster

    89. ButterflyGamer15

      I just realized you were faking the dart shot because you can see the white string on the black ceiling

      1. Deceptive

        Its there on purpose, you must not knos how physics and probability works, ITS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT THE STRING, THATS THS POINT THS STRING IS MAKING THE TRICKSHOT LITERALLY POSSIBLE they even said so themselves. ITS THERE ON PURPOSE

    90. Fun with Agamdeep

      2:26 they cheated

    91. Mohammed Uddin

      Tyler: Haha fooled ya I’m not on he ceiling!!! The camera man: -_-

    92. Ermal Loco

      2:28 its fake because you can see a thread in the arrow

    93. Jorge Gonzalez

      2:30 you can see the string on the dart lol

    94. P SUNDARAM

      The shooting dart in the bull eye was easy because there was a string attached to the dart

      1. Cannibalsloth

        That's the point, you don't expect the dart flying around on a string

    95. Singh-King

      Please don't leave Tyler you are awesome

    96. Arnie Lagadia

      I got ur ad

    97. Jake

      2:22 into the video with the dart, I saw a string that was holding the dart. They clickbaited us…

    98. Alexander Gogoy

      I got an ad about dude perfect at the start of a dude perfect video! What are the odds!

    99. axel poop

      1:10 no way thats what I guessed

    100. Logan Hindson

      0:55 pause almost immediately for a cool looking screenshot