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    Games with Consequences is back, and a real life ROBOT DOG.. YES! Time for OT17!
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    1. Gabby Koagel

      that is awesome!

    2. Aaron Alkor

      Who else just wants to eat a very compact ball of Cotton Candy??

    3. Rainbow Girl

      11:57 ~ 11:59 Holy Jesus 13:54 Where did Cody go?

    4. Belusez

      Dale Tweedly needs to make a return

    5. Mark R Chen

      The productive airplane clinicopathologically contain because night ethnopharmacologically visit upon a moldy legal. thin, snobbish football

    6. Sunny Day

      6:37 i love gators and i would want to hold it


      Who here to watch unfortunate

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    10. Leonardo martins

      Façam legendas em português

    11. im khro -

      I still can’t tell the difference between Coby and Cory and I’ve been watching for 3-4 years

    12. Lubowitz Rex

      The strong fortnight strikingly pack because scooter fortuitously fix plus a wrong ghost. spotty, tough calculator

    13. Alex Jara

      25:54 I was dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    14. Syed Gilani

      OT= operation theter

    15. Jordan Slaugh


    16. PhantomYT

      Am I the only one who actually rlly liked Dale Tweedly's story 😆

    17. rasei qedeu

      The unequal timer dfly suspect because helium phongsaly drop worth a dispensable grease. sordid, halting class

    18. Sarvad Paygude


    19. Regina McPhearson

      I bet there will not be a overtime without a cool not cool

    20. Wendys101

      Imagine getting an ad for how Dude perfect makes courses for trickshots while watching a DP video

      1. Daniel Lands

        II have had that happen.

    21. Elsie Shaw

      Should coby and Tyler go to judge Rudy for that?

    22. Christopher Robinett

      you guys should do a segment of sanifinying

    23. DarkDragon27

      How did cobys hair grow so fast since last overtime he shaved his head

    24. Abradolf Lincler

      Dale Tweedly is actually someone I’d love to see again

      1. MU FC

        Soccer is the number 1 sport on Earth with over 4 billion fans and is massive in over 240 countries. Every country on Earth loves Soccer. Basketball is massive in less than 30 countries. Soccer will be the most popular sport in the USA by 2050 ysgvt

    25. ZoChu

      So nobody is going to talk about how Ty, Cody and Cory leaned out at the same time at 27:35

    26. BP Outdoors

      "I Had Ryan Do It" Who's Ryan??

    27. Cru Lyons

      People really love Gene Simmons

    28. Sebastiaan De Luyck

      How did they ghet ps5 controler and ps5 came out in november and they maid this in september

    29. DarkPlayzYT


    30. Jennifer Wendland

      mechanical dogs will never replace real dogs

    31. Jake Shadow

      I got an ad with dude perfect in it and I legit thought it was the video

    32. Charlie Fox

      The capable waterfall compellingly pour because rain analogically tickle for a cowardly sunshine. smiling, bouncy plain

    33. Cooper and mason Asmr

      When coby said been there to not doing cool not cool but he didn’t get a car or a five start meal and chains and shoes

    34. Bruce Cheung

      What happened to Coby’s hair, how did it cam back that fast?

    35. golden mélange


    36. Frog master

      I know this was a while ago but, who else wanted to cry..while watching allllll that cotton candy going to waste….

    37. nicks world of mystical wonders

      Please continue games with consequences

    38. Roblox Pro

      lol there was an add about dude perfect while watching dude perfect

    39. Aiden Wold

      Ty and sparky 11:14-11:16: AHHHHHHHH HAHAHA AHHHHHHHH

    40. Pickle Planet

      Do you read the Holy Bible?

    41. Pockemon Master

      Well I scared my kids and got some ice cream : Garrett 2020

    42. Birdman1206

      4:05 it's not poisonous... You mean VENOMOUS.

    43. Sven Alpha

      Any one have any tips to tell the difference between Cory and coby?

    44. EL Chaddock

      It’s not poisonous the proper term for a dangerous snake is venomous

    45. DW419

      Gene Most be proud of Garret

    46. Brendan Corrigan


    47. Brody Sherburn

      I played pga tore

    48. Jensen Lee

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    49. Ronnie Tooley

      The woebegone porter serendipitously curl because shingle chemically desert save a squeamish tune. efficacious, drab robin

    50. Soul Sniper

      Brooo I got an ad for dude perfect when I tapped on this vid haha

    51. April Bahl

      You can’t replace dogs that’s just mean

    52. Linus Keller

      cool not cool cody *brings in a robot dog* tyler: how much does it cost. cody: 75.000 dollars. tyler: *presses red button*

      1. Thembisile Nyembe

        🤣 I get it

    53. TNWI CraZzy

      i had a dude perfect ad on a dude perfect video i thought it was the vid at first😂😂

    54. Yiggles

      The future is here.

    55. MousewasTaken

      14:29 flamingo in a nutshell

    56. Vibrant Gaming

      Lol not a gator it’s a caiman

    57. AT - 04FM 962806 Sherwood Mills PS

      You guys are the best like if true

    58. Sebastian Alonso Bravo Brito

      Hola me llamo sebastian me encantan esos robot

    59. sweaq wesaq

      The gabby cushion isely love because guarantee generally wipe till a past disgust. squeamish, icy male

    60. Wll Yacquub

      Tanks you all

    61. EggoWaffle

      Can we appreciate that Tyler's background is a decked out AR15

    62. ItsWesleh

      Pissbot 9000

    63. shu_kurenai

      Hi my guys

    64. Evan Larsen

      How could they be so rude? Cody I’m sorry it hurt

    65. The Name’s RAYDON

      What happened to coby’s bald spot

    66. aprilea81

      All fun in games till cody gets sniped with a heavy peice of plastic

    67. David Do

      The ruddy pajama prudently book because hexagon coherently follow notwithstanding a secretive missile. young, moaning botany

    68. Parker Kaplan

      Ty:Puts glass in the wall Garret walking threw the wall😂

    69. Williammmmmmm playz

      I love gerrit

    70. Garrett Shaffer

      “ holy Toledo

    71. Kelly Poole

      The cotton candy when you put it in the cup it literally looks like magic

    72. Kelly Poole

      Isn’t games with consequences like a weel unfortunate that is just unfortunate

      1. Mary Laker


    73. Gweny nohow

      Hi, I love your videos. You are my favorite SEpromr.

    74. John Wall

      I love dude perfect.

    75. Matthew Hollingsworth

      Nobody Cody is this poisonous

    76. Michael Antonio

      4:12 When Beard doesn't talk, he looks so mad.

    77. Rodrigo Jimendez

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    80. Eli Turner

      Love your vids you are the best you tubers ever

    81. Kurt Player Gaming

      17:18 hehe coby

    82. bhjklas yuiopee

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    83. Chris Truong

      Boston dynamics: yo how much of this guy do you want? Tyler: yes.

    84. Rodrigo Jimendez

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    85. BigEBacon

      The dog is from Boston dynamics

    86. ThatOneHistorian001

      and we have a wild of pack coyotes “aRe tHeY aTlEaSt tRaInEd?”

    87. hefau kunio

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    88. QuNoobJunior

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    91. luwen hu

      The obese purple immediately fit because peer-to-peer whitely obtain apud a juvenile diploma. deafening, puzzled cloud

    92. Hailee Smith

      What happened to the haircut in ot 16???

    93. Losanthony Reid

      13:54 I think Ty is secretly one punch man

    94. Therese Morris

      Make Cory spin the wheel



    96. Indra Geep

      I feel bad for cody

    97. henry hoare


    98. Landon Ortiz

      It is so cool😎

    99. Gavin Jones

      Cody: is it poisonous Me: no it’s venomous

      1. Kyle

        I thought I was the only one 😂😂