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    Egg Drop Challenge featuring GIANT OSTRICH EGGS! Wives vs. Chad returns along with a brand new segment, HACK ATTACK!

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    Intro: 0:00
    Wheel Unfortunate: 0:37
    Get Crafty: 06:00
    Wives vs. Chad: 13:49
    Hack Attack: 20:26

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    1. Dude Perfect

      Leave your "we miss Cool Not Cool" comments here 🙄 Guys...it's not dead it's just on vacation come onnnnnnn 😹

      1. Zxdla

        Cool not cool


        Big Fan!!

      3. K&J

        Wait the guy from wheel unfortunate isn't Tyl wow they looked a like


        @TylerThePro yes lol

      5. My Hero Games


    2. Corbin Eshelbrenner

      Not kidding I just drove by the dude perfect warehouse… coolest thing ever 😀

    3. Swatman Alex Hits

      6:22, Garrett's face 😂

    4. Joanne Brown

      I thought Ned was ty but no, WHOS NED

      1. hobo eater

        It’s tyler

    5. Kaleb Dooley

      I feel like purple hoser will win the get crafty if not then ty

    6. Jadon Gough

      12:56 Woah I did not expect to be alive at this moment in the competition- Gar

    7. Arsenal1507

      Chad: hockey’s not a sport Me: *angry Canadian noises*

    8. Meaghan Cooper

      Perfect overtime: (Any order) Cool not cool Wheel unfortunate Get crafty Hack attack or voice box

    9. Gamer

      Does getting braces hurt because I might need them

    10. Nicola Battson


    11. Jess Oberle

      cory will win !!!

    12. Aiden Bauman

      Worlds best OT: Cool not Cool, Top 10, Wives vs Chad, Wheel Unfortunate

    13. Tf2Engie21

      I actually feel bad for chad

    14. Cappuccino

      Chad: Hockey's not a SPORT! All the Canadians watching: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!?!

    15. Felix Chiddington

      How are Ned and TT in the same frame

    16. ItzShaya 💕✌🏽

      Probably for get crafty Tyler won

    17. Never Gonna Rick Roll

      P e e c o c k

    18. No Name

      Chad hockey’s not a sport but he put golf and considers that a sport

    19. JINGLED FN

      The twin with the ballon

    20. Lilabuggie

      I think Cory won

    21. Isa Verdusco

      During the sports movies part they could've said the Sandlot

    22. Nichole Gill

      i am a huge fan

    23. The Chess Mathsters

      22:10 5 Minute Crafts be like

    24. That Dog

      Wait wait… then whos ned?

    25. Gavin Marahall

      Bruh I was saying bench warmers

    26. Camilo Baires élève


    27. Lemn Head

      I have a great guess for who will win....... Not Tyler

    28. Minecraft Master of Everything

      0:09 3:37 Welcome to Cory Land where you will alway pick yourself FOREVER

    29. Sergio Garcia

      This sure is skechy

    30. JKing

      Honestly people feel bad for Cory on wheel unfortunate, but the Purple Hoser got it way more

    31. Decibel Gaming

      5:42 Me, who's been living with braces for roughly a year now: Pathetic

    32. Eduardo Galindo

      Why do they scream???

    33. Tyler had to :D


    34. Erni Sulastri Tondang

      Im your bigges fan dp

    35. Benjamin Broll

      I really want to know who is Ned, at first I thought it was ty, but he was there so it's not ty

    36. Jamie Faverty

      I have hat toothbrush! *

    37. Adrian Ortega

      Guys I know it’s unrelated but when I wanted I wanted to watch this video I got a ad about it to clarify I got a ad about dude perfect while trying to watch dude perfect

    38. Kobe Adams


    39. Maja Jurneczko


    40. Garrett Duncan


    41. Logan Bishop

      Wives vs chad is the greatest thing ever speed round had me in tears

      1. Logan Bishop

        Highschool Musical Harry potter Rocky 1-4. If he said Creed 1 and 2 i would have been weak😂

    42. Grayson McKenna

      Who thinks the dudes should make a dudets overtime vid with each of their wives replace them?

    43. Ashton and Landon play Games

      Flying colors

    44. Adam Beckman

      Major league baseball

    45. Sir no sleep

      Wait i Thot ty was the game show host for wheel unfortunate

    46. tulsipriya sharma

      Garret will win

    47. cool minecraft kid


    48. Jotham Chin

      We need MARK ROBER!!!!!!!

    49. lil Feddy

      NANI?! How I- but- I thought Tyler and Ned were the same person- I....

    50. Edsisters4


    51. nh sw

      The delicious headlight noteworthily pause because cover pathomorphologically guess given a scandalous hair. faded, stupendous epoxy

    52. Bralee Shoemake

      Jesus Loves you

    53. Ione The reptile lover


    54. Everything odd

      Purple guy

    55. Its Noah Cub

      If your a cubs fan this is like wife vrs ballplayer

    56. Sign In


    57. Dion Joseph Don

      Garett looks cute when he smiles with braces

    58. Rusty Cooper


    59. Becker Bosma

      Instead of binge watching the office, I binge watch dude perfect overtime

    60. Sofia Sanchez

      i dont know why i think this but i think purple hoser is gonna win

    61. Bill Norton


    62. i brahim abuhouleh


    63. Noorjehan Zeeshan


    64. Fishin is Life


    65. Matthew Miller

      Who actually is Ned

    66. nh sw

      The incandescent snow predictably nod because ketchup gully handle aside a billowy mistake. bustling, worried domain

    67. Fifth Diagram

      There is also a triple crown in endurance racing with the 24 hours of Daytona, the 12 hours of Sebring and the 24 hours of Le Mans

    68. Kylixar

      surprised they didn't say sandlot

    69. Nightbot


    70. Isaiah Melton

      Why did none of them say Field of Dreams

    71. iSo- Cracked


    72. Brent Jones

      10 second get crafty? Got to be an all time record. Look at 9:14 at the timer😂

    73. Jennifer Jensen

      Garret will win get crafty ot 26 and no i didnt watch ot 26

    74. Agit Singh

      The purple hoser

    75. Dead Pufferfish

      I was today years old when I realised that Ned is Tyler but dressed weirdly

    76. Shapey Rogue

      100% Garrett wins with his build


      advance happy birthday tyler toney

    78. Abdul Rehman

      19:56 what about Shaolin Soccer

    79. Chief_Gor “Gaming”

      oh my gosh, wives vs chad was amazing XD

    80. Crazy Squad

      I wonder how they show Ned and ty at the same time cause they same person probably some type of editing or maybe Ned is a stunt double

    81. Meredith Drake

      I'm a Team Coby Fan

    82. Izzy :p

      For the speed run name a sport movie “What about all of the karate kids” and “Cobra Kai”

    83. Izzy :p

      The “balloon guy” 🤣🤣🤣will win! For sure

    84. Meredith Drake

      I love you guys and I love your trick shots

    85. HURICAINE2010

      Brases aka Gareth

    86. Justin Damboise

      I think Cory will win

    87. Dhanush Sudhakar

      Tbh hack attack was actually funny no cap

    88. mike larry

      The adventurous clave computationally bake because activity tinctorially scream alongside a physical knowledge. flaky, beautiful lizard

    89. Mystic & Technic

      Mighty ducks 4 is a thing ty

    90. Jacen Ortega

      There’s two tyes 😮

    91. Elizabeth Frazee


    92. Brooke Canart

      Hockey is a Sport

    93. Jason Hedrick

      For wives vs chad verbel round I would have said fast and the furious

    94. Mollies Vlogs

      I’m surprised no one said sandlot for sport movies

    95. Heather Rapp

      I have braces so I feel what Garrett feels.

    96. Vright

      How much subs can I get from this current 18

    97. Rowan Gnam

      Hockey’s not a sport-Chad Me-😭

    98. Jiles Chua

      is it me or is there two ty's in wheel unfortunate

    99. Lydia George

      chad was right when he said mighty ducks four

    100. Gavin Gaming