GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19

Dude Perfect

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    Hide and seek in a HUGE store, carving massive pumpkins, plus your two favorite segments all in ! Special thanks to Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to shop:

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    1. RãńDôM FãńDôM

      @0:04 did anyone else see the wheel

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    12. Rollande Chartrand

      I love your videos

    13. GaZe OpTamer

      Whats a day without dude perfect? Not perfect

    14. Chamundeswari Prabakar

      13:24 most shocking anime twist in history of earth!!!

    15. Evan Lock


    16. Deceased Gamer

      Dude Perfect needs their own NASCAR

    17. imposter

      NOT iPhone

    18. Rad Roy42

      Next overtime 4 cool not cool segments

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    23. DinoTheMcBoy

      11:06 😂 Hey Ty! Hey bud, is that you? *pushes head off*

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    25. Gabriel Jackson

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    26. Savannah Jones


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    28. Eisley McGuire

      I live in Missouri and I love feeding the stingrays there!!

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    31. Michael Games


    32. Claudia Holy

      Cody should of won

    33. TJ Brown

      Am I the only one who thought the intro song said "weird twins" this whole time?

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    40. And Peggy (I love food)

      We need a one were Coby Dodges the bottle😂😂

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    45. Klopter

      I got an ad with Dude Perfect talking when I'm watching this videooo

    46. Olivia Marmolejo

      i lost a tooth

    47. Karl W

      When will Panda be in overtime?

    48. great respect

      Wheel unfortunate name picking looks staged....

    49. Humblelarry1

      Cory should’ve win

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    53. WrangWrang is me

      I need more top 10 and cool not cool

    54. Lps Phoenix

      At 7:25 in the video, if you look between Coby and Garret, there is a weird shark seal thing. It’s so creepy. At first I thought it was a pup king but it moves…

    55. Puddin Confidential


    56. DirtyDangles26

      That i spy ty segment isn't fair. If whoever finds ty last gets an extra name in the wheel, then because ty is hiding he can't get an extra name. I don't know what # time it is that it's obvious the other guys didn't agree and ty did it anyway because it's just his show.

    57. turtl3

      I’m like coby accept I’m better at using tools

    58. Fasahat Siddiqui


    59. Fasahat Siddiqui

      Wasn't the summer swimming pool one the first on location overtime

    60. Catch Miller

      I’ve been there

    61. Imelda Hernandez

      Ty be like granddaddy

    62. Luke Walker

      I shan’t to see ty spin the week.

    63. Sealr

      I can smell the bait from here SHEESH

    64. Jack And Logan GAMEZ

      I agree with ty 1

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    68. MetallicaFan81

      17:54 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ty's reaction

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    70. Organic Doom

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    78. Tristen Keller

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    79. Jackman Studios


    80. Gamingwith Hunter

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    84. OctoCreeper

      3:13 in theory ty had to open the pumpkin before he put the camera inside so he cut it, put a camera inside, closed it, and opened it.

    85. K Bartlett

      2:50 ty: that is how you lose a get crafty Me: OR you use multiple cans of paint on a canvas

    86. Cheese Stop motion studio

      I just got a dude perfect add on this video

    87. Quacks Youtube

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    88. GemFlower’s adventures & gaming

      A fish mailbox got a super cool but an actual race car didn’t these guys are not fair

    89. Horse lover 1000


    90. Michele Reynolds

      The funny thing is I got an add about dude perfect and I’m watching dude perfect lol

    91. Van Giles

      More Ispyty

    92. shadow

      Ned, your a really big bully. I mean stealing a Ned Golden Boy from a Polonaise boy

    93. Kanok (Kaka) Chaimongkoltrakul

      21:18 Tyler did actually used little power from his right hand to make the mail box a super cool

    94. Ben J

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    95. Studio Balcony

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    99. Kishuk 1307

      This I'm got be watch 12 times

    100. Kishuk 1307

      Im so sad Garrett on picking name for wheel unfortunate