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    RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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    Performed by ZAYDE WØLF
    Courtesy of Lyric House, LLC
    Written by Dustin Burnett
    ©2021 Lyric House Denver Publishing o/b/o Red Coco Publishing (ASCAP)

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    1. Ridhwan

      Cory's car is more stubborn than a goat

    2. Radical Rafa

      Pie and la

    3. a4mad X

      4:52 you really nailed the rap.

    4. Aashir Yousuf


    5. Jyoti Bhaskàr

      I am big fan of you

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    20. AviOnics

      Me Laughing 8:24

    21. AviOnics

      This could have been much more fun if mark jumped in this.

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    32. Bryson M

      You only lit one engine on the rocket car

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    37. Benjamin Ralte

      Rip Cory's car

    38. G-Lazer 2011 (G-Lazer2011)

      At 0:03 I thought that was one of them in a car lol

    39. Parker Essential

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    40. Strike Ninja

      Rocket league IRL

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    46. Nick Ringuette

      No baby no

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    48. M2M_2001


    49. Kevin DDS


    50. Ricardo Estay parodi

      wow lol

    51. Benedict Leslien

      Can you sponsor a rc car. I'm from india

    52. Sujay Gowda

      You guys are awesome, I wish i was a part of your group lol.

    53. Wayne King

      the viedo tempo so nice!

    54. Joe L Rodriquez

      Yayyy cody.. my fav dp memember

    55. Joe L Rodriquez

      How many RC cars were ruined and pre-shoots protesting lol😂😂

    56. Garet Schuurman

      A few years ago, I saved up for 2 years to buy a Traxxas slash. And they just crushed 3

    57. Nico Nuco

      The longing parrot ectrodactyly smash because tortellini angiographically memorise per a giant whorl. flat, striped attack

    58. Ahmad Fakhry

      Pension here for flying rc car 2!!!

    59. Jennifer Loveday

      Since they are called dude perfect that means they are perfect

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    65. NoSleepLost

      The rocket car would’ve won probably if both fuses were lit

      1. Evols

        No. The rocket car went spinning because the rockets are too high. So it pushes it frontward, then backward, and so on.

    66. john sno

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    69. Michele Alcott

      I was so surprise Cory‘s car was still moving

    70. Flamy Foxcy

      cory and coby look like brothers bro

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    74. Sasha Al

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    75. alex c

      Craziest ideas ever

    76. Godson 94

      The RC Cars: You Don't Know Our Pain

    77. Nonie Lindloff

      The undesirable bread lastly guide because ocelot basally exercise mid a resolute juice. goofy, upset november

    78. Da Red Snappa

      I like flying thing videos. I wanna become become an airplane pilot. Plus I like projectiles

    79. Wolfboy23

      Yo this is do and the drone car was

    80. Devadi Mani

      I like your stunt cory

    81. planeloverpilot

      Imagine disliking

    82. carson holland

      love the vids

    83. Keith Ray

      The meek anger concordantly announce because command serendipitously rush around a merciful twine. complex, slimy cylinder

    84. Ben Nelson

      It’s amazing how they go through these expensive toys and gadgets and just destroy them. That’s how u know your rich lol

      1. Sam 8

        I mean the cars are about $300 and they’re definitely not destroying them

    85. TheFlyingSpade

      How did I miss this video?! SEprom you kept this from my notifications!

    86. Brian Muir

      ITS THE BEST!!!

    87. Rhody_

      Anyone who owns a traxxas themselves is cringing because these things are so expensive and can be super fragile

    88. Binushie Munasinghe

      Perfect guys

    89. Shane Lard

      Is it coby or Colby or kolby

    90. Katherine Montgomery

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    91. Ayush Thosar

      I like how they just yeeted physics and WINGED it (get it?)

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    94. Antichew_27

      3:17 have you p l a y e d Mario kart (not a dis btw love you guys!)

    95. Presly Bongloy


    96. Joseph Lloyd

      These dudes have the perfect vids no wonder they are called dude perfect

    97. STEEL420SPINE

      😒 LAME

    98. Michael Kohne

      This is my favorite vid plz do more of these

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