Card Throwing Trick Shots 2

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    World's longest card throw balloon pop!?! Oh yes we did!
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    1. Mart

      Stereotypes suggestion: Military

    2. Zackary Combs

      The pea!!!! The freekin pea!!! Lol dadgum that dude could work for the CIA or NSA as a Assassin!!!

    3. Ryahan Akhtar Khan

      Rick has super deadly accuracy and precision, and power. It’s like he is focusing all the energy into one place. Well almost.

    4. shawk The system

      Id love if cod added a card lethal throwable in the game that 2 shot and one shot to the chest and upoer regions but you had two perks which either made it one shot throughout the whole body and the other which increased the rate of fire and made it one shot a little closer to the head that'd be sick kinda like a tomahawk but accuracy depending on the air and range

    5. AL - 04HJ 902309 Vista Heights PS


    6. CRAZY ME

      A guy from US uses card for cutting everything China after watching this we have to close knife business hey yo bring me some cards 😂😂 dude how he cuts that I can't even throw card

    7. Skully Ashton

      That is legend wait for it dairy legendary

    8. Skully Ashton

      That is talent

    9. Ezio Official

      Wowwwww awesome 😍😍😍💗💗❤

    10. Myster Mesh Lyngdoh

      i always loved you guys no hatred here

    11. Myster Mesh Lyngdoh

      you wasted an apple! this isnt a hate comment but think about it! you wasted it!

    12. Kristen Iovinelli

      Rf$hzcg jxgvbhhjhjhihkj kcnvmdnckenfkencjljlfjkfifkhekfhekfhe

    13. Kristen Iovinelli

      G I GI TAGIqt c


      Garret blink in bottle cap shot

    15. sahil kumar

      The normal cards does this kind damage but think when the cards will become blade metallic what will happen 👍👍

    16. sahil kumar

      Just think this guy uses normal playing cards and knows 100% trick to sling cards but what if the cards were metallic and larger with blades sharp ever 👍👍

    17. Leonard edgar Tjandra

      Do you guys think this is fake, because i think this is real

    18. Creeper ✔

      Gambit is in the house ppl🌀🔥

    19. Shadowrath gaming

      what if he hits one of the dude perfect with that

    20. Maximus

      dose he miss?

    21. Waffle Toes

      “Soda” can’t deny it 2:23 You will see what I mean

    22. Justice Boswell

      The pea thing was impressive.

      1. Justice Boswell

        And the one with the match.

    23. 2:57 totally doesn't look like a certain clip from a certain science Channel.......

    24. Rahul R

      I want to learn thi

    25. inigo joaquin peralta

      he can be named gambit from DC

    26. johnny nguyen

      Card are the ultimate weapon

    27. hans peter Juul


    28. Khanh Nguyễn

      It's so magic

    29. Jimmy’s dart

      They have 2179 world records wow

    30. Van Man

      How crazy cool

    31. Andrea O'Brien


    32. Shubh Shirodkar

      Fake or real but amazing

    33. Phan Hiền

      TF real life, lol riot

    34. Carra Sher


    35. Kolos Paulovics


    36. Zachary 123

      This dude has aim bot

    37. Aman Bhardwaj

      Do u think a card can cut a coke CAN🥫

    38. MaximNotFound

      Does ty have a cut on his face from a trust shot

    39. ̇


    40. WilliamJayG2

      Real life Twisted Fate

    41. Surajit Dey


    42. Mert Yılmaz


    43. Cubic

      Imagine Rick is out in the wild. He needs no knife, he needs a deck of playing cards.

    44. Sky Cook

      At 2:22 does he say " soda cant deny it"

    45. Kacamata

      If teacher have capability like this, naugthy students will be surrender

    46. Nick Ringuette


    47. Xuni Chan

      The card is sharper than my knife

    48. Free Fire Tricks SAMINATHAN

      How to attk in say

    49. aot attack on titan

      2:31 wow amazing

    50. black canary

      Are these normal cards

    51. Piano Kid

      Now the other trickshots were ok ish BUT CUTTIN A PEA?!

    52. SSShriangel

      3:49 Does anyone notice that Ty has a cut on his cheek?

    53. Ogee Zmoney

      Fruit ninja irl?

    54. Cs Blacka

      Why are they in the dark for this🤨

    55. The tamtastic guy

      Dude perfect impossible deadly op You are the best youtuber ever dp Love u You are a rockstar!!!!!👍👍👍👍

    56. Your Maker

      2:10 NOT PICKLE RIIICK !!!

    57. Adam McCray

      You haven’t done a baseball trick shot video

    58. Widerstand ist Zwecklos!

      Twisted Fate mains be like

    59. daki master

      My precision is 0 I can't possibly learn

    60. Sanahi Gatica

      those are some sharp cards

    61. Synx_Dope

      Rick would be a master at throwing ninja stars

    62. crlornzo pags

      is there a secret blade in the card

    63. Jeff Holko


    64. Starleen Schaffer

      Dude, great video

    65. Justiny _gamerz

      Rick smith JR. is a genius


      card tricks shots 3 "LAST TIME Rick cut a pea, this time hes splitting an atom

    67. Cleanify

      If ya wanna throw cards watch my short guide on it

    68. keythebaby

      Make that Dude You Failed So Many Times That Its Not Even Perfect (DYFSMTTINEP)

    69. Khoa Trọng Anh Nguyễn

      SO MAGIC!!!

    70. 羅迦得

      How sharp are those cards?

    71. Jace Coletta

      We got to see Gambit in real life

    72. Elliott Hatton

      Imagine Rick pitching a baseball

    73. Cowan and andre

      2:16 you hear soda can and then they do a soda can trick shot

    74. BuckandDuck

      Real life Gambit!

    75. Rasmus Hansen

      2:35 no u did not! That must be fake. That cant be real...

      1. Rasmus Hansen

        Like u Can Hunt with that bs

    76. mastergamerjmo

      One word to describe this video: impressive

    77. Kola Kowshik


    78. Joshi Krishna

      Is he using paper cards or plastic ?

      1. Adam Nizam


    79. Axelox

      What happend to the best part ? Hitting him with the bottle !!

    80. Hitish sahoo

      The legend ❤️

    81. wassup

      What kind of card sare you using that can cut stuff?

      1. Arcade Master

        all paper except the soda can which was metal

    82. matt

      hisoka irl

    83. Katie Petersen

      Real life gambit

    84. Alexandre Delbois

      Imagine doing that To someone eyeball...

    85. Benoit Lapensee

      Mind blowing 🤯🤯😯😯😲😲😃😃

    86. Nina Potvin


      1. Nina Potvin

        That’s deep

    87. Levi_the_ Bot

      4:28 yo they was talkin at the same time😭

    88. 193 Corydon

      hey should make a second channel called Dude Almost Perfect where they post bloopers and funny moments

    89. Soullime YT

      Imagine that card slicing your neck

    90. Nakul Dighe

      Are those cards made of vibranium

    91. Shilpi Debnath

      Dude Perfect.

    92. Tyler Japal

      How strong are those cards????

    93. kriss

      гори в аду, за пеппер ставлю 3 дизлайка, нет, даже 1000000000

    94. Issac Daniels

      Ouch ouch that’s gotta hurt

    95. Satish Dasari


    96. DevilBooster 10

      The video montages are top tier

    97. Dan Bierschbach

      3:32 That match trick was epic!

    98. t w

      Real life gambit... wow

    99. Johnattincan

      Ok hisoka

    100. Study king Study is love

      This video sponsored by oreo