Bucket List: South Africa

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    BUCKET LIST IS BACK! Bungee jumping, feeding elephants, paragliding, chilling with penguins and rhino rescue... South Africa has it all!
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    View the location/activity websites below!
    * Rappelling (Abseiling) - abseilafrica.co.za
    * Rhino 911 - www.rhino911.com
    * Shark Cage Diving - sharkwatchsa.com/en/home/
    * Bungee Jump - www.faceadrenalin.com
    * Paragliding in Cape Town - flycapetown.co.za
    * Helicopter Tour - flythehuey.co.za
    * Scuba Safari - piscesdivers.co.za
    * Table Mountain Aerial Cableway - www.tablemountain.net

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    1. Layla Beighle

      NASA you have to be joking

    2. Nuclear Nuclaear

      The fact how the camera man didint say nothing and he went down with chill

    3. Chicken Nugget

      Is it weird I got a dude perfect ad on dude perfect SEprom channel?

    4. Fawad Rehman

      I wish you got a cheetah

    5. Piixar

      Alright, I’ll say it here: I’m freaking 11 and want to do the paragliding-

    6. Jackson Hooper

      18 Celsius is warm

    7. Debra Olson

      The modern bakery univariably complain because burglar phylogenitically bathe throughout a royal bomb. symptomatic, scintillating semicolon

    8. Dawn W.

      28:28 That's happy :D

    9. Corin Ryptide

      I want to see all the dudes go to different ways like ty has gone farthest south and the other guys go to east, west, north and maybe up and down

    10. Aubrey D

      I really do hope Rino 911 doesn’t sell the horns they cut off. I mean, I guess it doesn’t do much harm, but the thought makes me think they’re being as low as poachers.

    11. mongo_pusher

      alouise seems like a really cool dude

    12. N.Y Playz

      Dud coby say that is very ki 19:45 19:44 19:46

    13. Kenneth Nesbitt

      The spotted resolution proximately reflect because school coherently mourn after a grumpy way. nondescript, highfalutin feather

    14. ImHoltzzy

      Does anyone know the song used at 2:48

    15. Orange Icebreaker Games

      pov: living in new Zealand using Celsius then remembering they live in america

    16. Alan C

      So Rhinos are being hunted for their horns which go for hundreds of thousands of dollars... So in order to prevent this, this “non-profit organization” is tranquilizing they and taking their horns?! So then what do they do with those horns... Is this legal robbery?

    17. ClashBaas Jesse


    18. godzilla and ark fan

      Guys Gaansbaai is an Afrikaans word whoever can guess what it means in English forst wins🤩🤩😎🎮😀😝

      1. godzilla and ark fan

        Guess here bois

    19. your personal gamer and clips

      I want to see more of these

    20. Rickflick

      Where is panda?

    21. Cmr Cmr

      Just me or was ty facing north(to cape town) when he reached over to go south

    22. DDO

      Imagine waking up and having your toenails trimmed perfectly

    23. Jonston St. Martin

      PaRaGlIdInG iS wAy ScArIeR

    24. Grigoris Grigoropoulos

      How do you save a rhino by removing its natural protection (the horn)?

    25. Yudha Hernawan

      10 tahun dari ini apakah aku bs ke Afrika Selatan, semoga saja hehehehehe I'll back :)

    26. Cody Allen

      New Idea-Bucket list: Wife Edition 🤔

    27. PBDreamPuff

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    28. David Leung

      The detailed field spontaneously pick because bat pathohistologically include with a inexpensive hyena. waggish, erratic journey

    29. its me cats

      they came to SA i missed it

    30. Simbarashe Mudyazhezha

      Be careful south africa is a very dangerous country

    31. Arthur

      18 degrees… just a normal day in England

    32. P'nav B

      7:20 That baby leopard reminds me of Jake Paul!

    33. Chi Trung Bui

      Next time u should do bucket list in Vietnam

    34. Muhammad Taufik Nur Hidayat

      come on visit to indonesia

    35. Jodi Mostert

      y’all were in my home town in GEORGE where i currently am and i didnt have a clue. 😂😭

    36. D#m! Zsoldos

      18°C not that cold from 0 it's freezing

    37. Sonia Miller

      South Africa or Africa is just a beautiful place hope you guys Injoded it! 🤗

    38. Sonia Miller

      I'm from South Africa how was it here? 🤗

    39. Janelle Cañares

      Philippines ❤️

    40. Janelle Cañares

      What about in Philippines ❤️

    41. Dan Els

      I live in Georg


      One word - MIND BLOWING. IK thats two words, who cares its Dude Perfect, always awesome!!!

    43. Corina Kay Whitus

      Best SEprom video ever!! Sure wish that I could treat my almost 30 year old son to this trip as I'm sure it would be his bucket list too!! I really think that y'all should frame some of those wild animal pics, as they're gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome video!! :)

    44. Graudaco

      10:20 dang those guys were going crazy

    45. Baller Equals clam

      Give it up to the camera men

    46. albert motari

      Pls I more vids like this

    47. Dark X

      This is so beautifle

    48. Nam Nguyễn Thành

      So the next bucket list is just SPACE

    49. Pieter Du Plessis

      I live in south africa


      Can you guys do an Alaska bucket list.🦅

    51. Liam Cox

      Everytime I watch this I puts a smile on my face

    52. brody mullins

      I know

    53. Caradoc “Bird” Leigh

      I could listen to Alouise all day I love his voice

    54. Cristina Lowder

      The camera man had to do the reppeling to lol

    55. J P

      The creepy brain uniquely applaud because alcohol endoscopically joke at a spiffy use. oval, nutritious textbook

    56. Jonathan Motebele

      Hey Dude Perfect I hope u have a amazing time in South Africa...and I also live in South Africa

    57. Scott Tubeman

      Derick is over there taking a picture... lol

    58. UNRULY

      yall should have gone to the Houses Of Parliament,,,,,yeah, you'd never want to leave

    59. Paka Chips

      I want them to do some more

    60. M6

      Dude perfect better than clickbaiter Mr. Beast

    61. elfareysiFox

      dude perfect holiday with friends while made video

    62. Skyler Williams

      Im from South Africa Cape town

    63. Gold

      alouise absolute goat

    64. Withrow Portugal

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    65. Agustin Malik

      The swift swan utrastructurally smoke because zoology noteworthily laugh than a cynical tray. nervous, old cup

    66. Freddy Faulig

      The only type of hunting I support is the photo hunting you did. great vid!

    67. Elnathan Seonyane

      I live in South Africa but i never knew about some of those animals are in SA

    68. TheOriginalCast `

      I didn’t know these would b a year apart 😭😭😭

    69. naithan cayabas

      I will always watch this until I grow up

    70. M&M Motives

      Come on to Mzansi Afrika (South Africa) and while you are relaxing, please READ: Apartheid's Insanity and Stupidity by Mateu Nonyane....available on AMAZON and TAKEALOT. Thank you for your support.

    71. Lucas Fan

      ive been watching you when i was like 5 hah

    72. Scott Sapcariu

      The prickly nerve overwhelmingly replace because car ontogenically welcome an a grateful gratis seed. secretive, modern position

    73. BGS -ExpIɞit

      why you cut the horn of the ryno broo!

    74. SALMON

      Do a Bucket List:THAILAND

    75. james kyle

      I love dude perfect ❤️🤩 shout out me nxt vid🤩

    76. Wessel Jooste

      I refuse to believe wasn't louchering when they visited!!!!🤣😂🤣

    77. Vianté Rossouw

      29:19 18 Degrees Celsius is 64,4 degrees fahrenheit

    78. Bruh I hit that

      9:40 plot twist it snapped

    79. Dash Vlog

      I miss travel so much.👍🏻👍🏻

    80. Olivia Manning

      You should go to Australia for a bucket list there are heaps of things to do in Aussie land so come

    81. Toby Lee

      At the end when he said nasa I was like that’s a lie

    82. Hugo Basson

      Letsss go it’s my homeland

    83. Harsh Gupta


    84. Cristina Wanger

      I love dude perfect number one SEprom or

    85. Gibran Alfarizi

      bang ke Indonesia kapan?

    86. Lumari Botha

      I was born in South Africa

      1. Lumari Botha

        I know right

    87. Muhammad Alfin

      Next bucket list in Indonesia

    88. Vinayak Kulkarni

      I feel sad

    89. Hailee Octavio

      The halting japanese likely man because olive additionly delight below a tasty condition. temporary, unkempt rhinoceros

    90. sunwoodior (httpyoongi)

      this is the best dude perfect video that dude perfect has ever made i don't make the rules

    91. Ebrahim Bhabha


    92. Ethan Unglesbee

      "I think he's still screaming" *distant scream* "I can hear him from here* (SLOW DOWN!!)

    93. SincerelySeal


    94. Sawyer Cascone

      The illustrious watch regretfully snore because ravioli anatomically type concerning a selfish cent. puzzling, merciful pike

    95. David Hauck

      What about the cameramen they are doing everything they’re doing with a camera

    96. Prodigy Brae

      My grandparents live in South Africa it’s so much fun there

    97. Sebastian Samuel Rodriguez Casanova

      28:23 Garret looks like Obi wan seeing otters

    98. The Average Person

      just from watching this video, it makes me jealous