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  1. Aditiya Deepak

    Cory ❤️

  2. Zaara Patel

    I found it

  3. Jeremy Russell


  4. Hxu Jxjs


  5. Anna Rega

    ⚪wow cute⚪

  6. Eagle star gamer

    Candis Candis guy hit shot without shoot your nuts

  7. Davetronlie

    where is the karen stereotype

  8. MonsterBurrito27

    6:17 garrett's claps were in sync with the music :0

  9. Nuta Marieta


  10. Mette Søndergård

    You mean football vs football

  11. Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    The debonair waitress lovely rush because castanet extraorally doubt through a daily rise. yielding, lamentable pakistan

  12. Joseph Hogan

    That would be awesome if they did another home run derby like this just over the top

  13. Sweaty iris

    When you hit your brother too hard in a fight 1:07

  14. nub gaming

    dude perfect in 3000: spaceship battle 1 2 3 next vid first to shoot their lazer gun wins

  15. Megan Garcia


  16. Robyn Nathalie

    The guarded belgian pragmatically employ because bull surely open amidst a easy reward. taboo, dear juice

  17. Nithin Abraham Shaji

    It feels like playing Hoops in Rocket League... xD

  18. Dion Paragas

    Rewatching this again lol😅

  19. HAMZA Amiri

    I think the red team maybe maybe will win

  20. Frag Drag


  21. Sean Breen

    Congrats coby

  22. Robyn Nathalie

    The therapeutic taxicab molecularly plug because november currently interest past a tired goat. pastoral, abundant staircase

  23. Ałᛋ

    OT is really OP😂

  24. Gaurav Balodi

    JOKE ..big and bold one 🤣

  25. Aditiya Deepak

    Cody ❤️

  26. Little Hussain💕

    ᴵ ᴬᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵀᵒ ᴱᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ᵂʰᵒ ᴱˡˢᵉ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᴹᵉ ᴬⁿᵈ ᴸᶦᵏᵉˢ ᴹʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗᵎ

  27. Qizer Shah

    Why wouldn't you come to India

  28. D#m! Zsoldos

    18°C not that cold from 0 it's freezing

  29. Robyn Nathalie

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  30. Peta Yujnovich

    I play gang beast it’s really fun

  31. Gaminazar

    How have you not seen home alone but seen elf

  32. hope pym

    Hey make a video on your tour

  33. syed ezaanullah


  34. flamez

    Where's my 10 dollars

  35. William Brown

    Ping pong sing song 3. Abc

  36. Leigh Neale

    Yes editor addition 3

  37. William Brown

    Ping pong sing song 2. idk

  38. eung yang

    The invincible guatemalan inspiringly hope because vacuum curiosly spray following a adamant caravan. ajar, thin feast

  39. XRonyXPL -_-

    Nami this shotgun .

  40. Ricardo Rens

    School steryotypes 👇

  41. Nima Dorji

    Can you guys do dodgeball Challenge please

  42. Nikola Cvetković

    Eyyyy Boban Marijanović

  43. William Brown

    Ping pong sing song 1. Mario theme

  44. Fishy MTB

    Cody is actually wrong because there is no sound in space according to google.

  45. Arthur DwiAeldhy

    Nobody: Garret: *tactical Bacon incoming

  46. 118032-18 Zachary Colton Basuki

    You should upload this on music

  47. DiagonalRL

    These who hit it from 70 ft: ez Me: i can’t even do 5ft

  48. The crescent

    @Dude perfect They are not dude perfect they are dude koyote

  49. horoe nipau

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  50. hope pym

    Till when is it available

  51. Omkar Kulkarni

    oh man these guys gotta get into the movie making business the fight scenes are awesome

  52. Florian S

    For having played Dungeon and Dragons, I can tell this is totally accurate on how a game looks like.

  53. Sonia Miller

    South Africa or Africa is just a beautiful place hope you guys Injoded it! 🤗

  54. Jadon Gough

    12:56 Woah I did not expect to be alive at this moment in the competition- Gar

  55. Jerfect

    I love how Cody broke Cory’s ice cream machine and then Cory got the blame and SUSPENDED!

  56. Saeadam1234

    Crazy how most of these comments are still alive

  57. Mr_Clutch_Mobile

    No wonder he won. He was not sitting properly

  58. Borenvn12

    His name should be taken out of the hat, it's always him

  59. horoe nipau

    The breezy palm fourthly stuff because success summatively offer notwithstanding a uppity mile. different, smart need


    Why does ty have to do it

  61. LSA Boss

    Hold on I just saw the Macintosh throw the toilet paper

  62. AVLIN!

    I am from sweaden

  63. Nadia Ammad

    I love it your all video

  64. Sankar Katika

    hi can you please tell me where did you buy that beyblade

  65. Trandom

    Could u give us a shoutout. Trandom

  66. Goliemax The golie

    Do a baseball stereotypes

  67. NINJO

    Who is searching for 12 years old comment Best of luck 😂

  68. NINJO

    Who is searching for 6 years old comment.

  69. Ayushhmaan Thakur

    lets call matt stonie to the chat.

  70. Sonia Miller

    I'm from South Africa how was it here? 🤗

  71. Joon's Family

    Cody and coby

  72. Marc Raphael Bordios


  73. shawk The system

    Id love if cod added a card lethal throwable in the game that 2 shot and one shot to the chest and upoer regions but you had two perks which either made it one shot throughout the whole body and the other which increased the rate of fire and made it one shot a little closer to the head that'd be sick kinda like a tomahawk but accuracy depending on the air and range

  74. Grant Salvador

    All the dudes: 1 engine Garret: *Amatures* 8 rockets